Hit the Ground

So, yeah, it’s Monday, and that’s a great day to see a new dessert.  Or at least a dinner.  Or something you can stick in the oven.

But that’s not what you’re getting today, and for that I apologize.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow with something edible.

In the meantime…we need to talk about running.  Because this is the perfect time of year for it.

You’re not sweating buckets, and you don’t need cold gear.  Temperature perfection.

And dear readers, I’ve been meaning to give you the latest off my iPod for over a year.  It’s been over a year since I shared my latest jams.  How you’ve made it through, I can’t even imagine.  Lucky for you this is my fave playlist so far.  Because it starts with DJ Khaled.

“All I Do is Win.”  No.  For real.  All I do is win.  I start every run with this song.  I start every day with this song.  If you’re in the car and you can’t seem to wake up on the way to work, this does the trick.   It also gives you that jump start you need at the beginning of a run.  I can’t listen to it without smiling, and okay, yeah, maybe fist pumping.  Yep, I’m that girl.  What are you gonna do about it? *source

Next up is Lady Gaga “The Edge of Glory.”  Because a run isn’t complete without her, and this is the latest.  Truth be told, I listen to this one every day on the way to work, too.  *source

Mumford and Sons, “Sigh No More” is next.  I can’t kick my Mumford habit.  I’ve had the album forever, and it’s not getting old.  At all.  This is the song I’ve played more than any other.  I won’t reveal exactly how many times I’ve listened.  But it starts with a 6.  This is one of those great songs that starts slow and gets you moving faster before you even realize what happened.  And it’s perfect once you’ve hit your stride. *source

Which brings us to gLee, “Run the World (Girls).”  Normally, hearing a song on gLee makes me remember how much I liked the original to begin with, and I put that back on my list.  Except in this case, in which I needed the gLee version instead of Beyonce’s.  Because this song comes from “Asian F.”  And that’s my favorite episode to date.  Because it’s the episode in which Queen Cupcake makes her television debut (unless you count the time we were on The Bozo Show in first grade – be jealous)!  I usually listen to this one twice in a row. *source

After listening to the same thing twice, I need a good pick-me-up, so I have MJ telling me, “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough.”  Seriously, dear readers, I take this message to heart and try to pick up the pace here. *source

And now I kick it old school with ‘Nsync and Nelly, “Girlfriend.”  Yeah.  I do.  If you’re not a former teenybopper like me, replace this with another Nelly song of your choice.  I find “Must Be the Money” and “Ride With Me” work equally well. *source

From Nelly to Weezer, I listen to it all.  This isn’t any old Weezer, though.  This is a “Kids/Poker Face” mash-up.  It’s an iTunes Original.  And it’s to die for.  *source

Completing the running playlist Holy Trinity of Beyonce (which, CV noticed, really is only the gLee version of Beyonce), Gaga, and Britney is “Hold it Against Me.”  My fave from the new album because it still makes me giggle.  “If I said I want your body, would you hold it against me?”  Get it?  Do you think someone had to explain the double entendre to Brit?  *source

And for the grand finale, a song I listen to on every single run. While it isn’t new, the live version is. It’s Linkin Park, “Bleed it Out,” from the iTunes festival in London this summer.  This will get you across whatever finish line you set for yourself. *source

Have at it dear readers, because I have some calorie-filled foods headed your way soon!

5 thoughts on “Hit the Ground

  1. Glass of Milk, Glass of Milk, Glass of Milk . . . That line you find so clever is from an old COUNTRY song by the Bellamy Brothers–“If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body, Would You Hold It Against Me?” Just google it, then see the articles about Britney ripping the idea off from the BBs. ♥♥♥

  2. That’s weird that Weezer did that song. Neither of those songs are theirs so it’s more like a cover of a mash-up. Either way, I’m intrigued. And ready to fist pump. And going to stop commenting on nearly every entry.

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