The November Issue

In mid-August, there are throngs of size-0, stiletto-ed, fashionistas who run to their respective front doors when they hear the collective thud of the September issues hitting their mailboxes. I imagine they spend the ensuing evening drinking skinny girl margaritas and planning the ways the latest trends will impact their closets.

In mid-October, throngs of foodies, who left the land of size-0 countless pounds of butter ago, waddle to their front doors when they hear the collective thud of the November issues hitting their mailboxes.  We spend the ensuing evening, glass of red in hand, perusing all the Thanksgiving options that lie glossily before us, and plan the ways the latest trends will impact our waistlines.

Which sounds more fun to you?

*If you caught the rerun of Modern Family last week, then you can certainly appreciate the promise of Tandoori Spiced Turkey on the cover of Bon Appetit.

Dear readers, now that Halloween is behind us, we can focus on my most favorite day of the year, Thanksgiving.

Just typing it makes me sigh in relief.

It’s coming.


And I’m dreaming up new creations to grace the table this year.  Bon Appetit offers up a cider brined and a Cajun style turkey and I’ll be darned if I can figure out which one I want to eat more.

But before we get to those, let’s take a look back at a glass of milk’s Thanksgiving dishes of yore.

Grandma Glass of Milk’s mashed potatoes.  These are sacred.  They are the food I look forward to eating more than any other.  And I was not surprised in the slightest to find that Bon Appetit’s fluffiest mashed potatoes are prepared in exactly the same way.

My husband’s cranberry sauce.  This caused quite a stir the first year it hit the Turkey Day table.  Few of us had any idea cranberry sauce didn’t have to come straight from a can.

My green bean casserole.  A heavenly blend of fresh (green beans, butter, shallots!) and hyper-processed (read: French’s fried onion rings) ingredients.  There are so many who deem this one optional at a holiday table.  I beg to differ.

Williams Sonoma’s popovers.  Though these don’t appear on our table each year, the meal is ten times better when they do.  Popovers are an elegant, and important step up from standard dinner rolls.

What are your Thanksgiving staples?

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