Sunday Beef

One of my favorite blogs is Dinner: A Love Story.  I love the way Jenny and Andy chronicle their nightly dinners, as well as their family’s habits and rituals.  Theirs is one of the rare food blogs in which the writing, recipes, and photos work in tandem to tell stories.  Some of my favorite stories.

When I found a recipe for red wine braised short ribs from Bon Appetit, I was thrilled when I noticed Jenny had written it.  I knew it would be the best possible way to make use of the 5 pounds of short ribs that had been taking up prime real estate in my freezer.

And it was.

I browned the meat before the 4:00 games one Sunday afternoon, and let it do that falling apart thing hunks of meat do so well when left completely alone in hot ovens for several hours. We sat down to eat when the games were over, and were ready for the finale of our Sunday football-watching marathons, Sunday Night Football.

This was one of the best braised beef dishes I’ve ever had (trust me, I’ve had my fair share) as it didn’t leave me feeling like I weighed a million pounds.  So many pot roasts, briskets and stews have hit me like a ton of bricks about five minutes after pushing my plate aside.  This one, paired with a glass of red and a long, lazy Sunday dinner, left me feeling nourished.

So much so that I failed to take an blog-worthy picture of it.  Please accept the magazine’s picture with my sincerest apologies.  And as the weather gets cooler in the coming months, keep this stew in mind.

Looking for other attractive beef stews?  Try The Kitchen Sink and Seven Spoons.

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