Gus, and a Belated Update

This is (was) Gus.

Gus, whom I brined with love, and whom my husband painstakingly set on a bed of fruits and vegetables, tied up with twine, and placed in a hot oven, where he (the turkey, not my husband) cooked for the next several hours.

Oh Gus.  You were so good to us.  And you made a mean gravy.  And you are still making for some mean leftovers.

I’m thankful for Gus.  And the husband who found out he can cook a turkey on my favorite day of the year.  And for my thankful project.  The one where I tweeted something I was thankful for each day in November. Some days what I was thankful for was something truly meaningful, like a good meal with my family or my favorite music.  Other days, my thoughts were more superficial, like when I was thankful for two amazing television programs on simultaneously, or for Hanson’s beer (It’s called MMMHop, and of course I’m serious, because you can’t make this up), or for the girl from the Pentatonix, who I am convinced was born with all the spunk the rest of the population was supposed to share.  No matter.  Taking the time to do this each day for a month got me in the right mindset now that Advent is upon us.

Here’s the second half of the list.  When we last left our hero, she was on day twelve…

November 13:  thanksgiving menu planning this morning. you can find me under a pile of cookbooks.

November 14:  nerd out, kids! RT @Storybird Trailer’s up for The Hunger Games:

November 15:  holy swiss meringue buttercream, batman!

November 16:  love when i hit shuffle and my ipod knows exactly what i need to hear.

November 17:  courtesy of @laura_w_k… Oh man. Clementine season, am I right?

November 18:  what if i made pumpkin cheesecake with a gingersnap crust and what if i made the gingersnaps from scratch? #onlysixmoredays

November 19:  finally picked up my spiced chestnut soap from @williamssonoma today. feels like holiday season!

*double thankful, as there was cannoli on the 19th:  left the gun.

November 20:  james van der beek in a jodi picoult lifetime movie at the same time as the eagles game? oh the agony.

November 21:  totally forgot this week has pie day. monday looks a lot brighter now!

November 22:  the first taste of thanksgiving!!!

November 23:  pie day…the only way to make it thru work the day before thanksgiving.

another double thankful day:  gone with the wind is on tv and @terps96 is on kitchen duty. #thankful

November 24: happy thanksgiving. love, me, gus (the bird), and a glass of milk. 🙂

November 25:  if you’re not eating pie for breakfast, you’re doing it wrong.

November 26:  dear @laura_w_k and @kreza1202, merry christmas (sweater) c/o @hansonmusic

November 27:  homemade chocolate pudding plus the one with the shining and little women 🙂

November 28:  love that spunky little pentatonix girl!

November 29:  today would belong squarely in the loss column…but there was chocolate pudding.

and taio cruz.

November 30:  hugo!

another double thankful day:  they’re heeeeeere.

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