I’m Making a List

And I’ll probably check it more than twice because I am a textbook, Type-A, list-maker, and thing-crosser-offer.

The state of my coffee table always speaks volumes about the state of my life.  There are a million and one things on my mind right now dear readers, and first and foremost is getting a blog post together for you.  But combine that thing with the other million and it’s difficult for me to form complete sentences.  Please accept this list coupled with my sincerest apologies.  Sentences to follow at a later date.

  • The other day, Deb asked what best new food blog she’s been missing.  It took me less than five seconds to answer.  SpoonForkBacon.  For several dozen reasons, the first of which is this.  I love lowbrow snacks.
  • And speaking of lowbrow snacks…Cheez It Bark.  I’m too intrigued not to try it.  Perhaps a half batch to start.
  • I was dead-set on making black and white cookies this weekend, and even contemplated making both Deb and Joy’s recipes.  But then I made croque monsieurs for lunch, realized I had to make a sweet to share at work tomorrow, a cake for my husband’s birthday on Tuesday, and a cheesecake for Grandma Glass of Milk on Saturday and thought better of it.  All butter and no salad makes Jennie a round girl.
  • After much anticipation, A Glass of Milk’s Youngest Reader and I finally made it to lunch at Le Pain Quotedien.  One opened right near us ages ago and neither of us had ever gotten around to going.  When I read Alaina’s post about her visit I emailed AGOMYR right away and said the following:  “did we know about these spreads?  and when are we going to try them?”  Any excuse to slather chocolate all over baguette and I’m sold.
  • Our Christmas tree has been up for two weeks.  As of yet there is nary an ornament gracing its branches.
  • Ever since this experience, I’ve been craving a vanilla version.  I have Deb’s bookmarked, but I may crack the cover of The Joy of Cooking for a real throwback.
  • I love what is happening to food blogging right now.  It’s going beyond words and getting turned into podcasts and apps.  If you’re not listening to the Joy the Baker podcast every night while you make dinner, you’re missing out.  While I make SCL’s and my favorite spaghetti sauce tonight, I’ll be catching up on Joy catching up with Bakerella.  That’s a match in food blogger heaven.  And now that my iPad is decked out with a beautiful blue case, it’s ready for two brand new apps I’ve been dying to get my hands thumbs on.
  • And speaking of the Joy the Baker Podcast, Tracy from Shutterbean.com has taken a food-related photo everyday since the beginning of last year.  She’s on week 48, and I love keeping up with her as the year comes to a close.
  • I have Meyer lemons.  What do I make?

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