Winter Food

Now that the temperatures have finally dropped, and ballet flats without socks will not suffice as I hurry out the door each morning, I always turn to comfort food for dinners.  I’ve made chicken spaghetti, chicken and dumplings, and chicken noodle soup, all right around the holidays.  Isn’t it strange how certain times of year always make us hungry for the same kind of food?

Here are all those same ingredients, remixed.  Dear readers, I present Ina’s chicken stew with biscuits.

I followed Ina’s recipe, and as usual, she came through for me. This dish is exactly the type Ina was born to make.  She nails American classics, usually by finding simple ways to enhance the flavors.  There is nothing fancy about chicken stew with biscuits, but the way Ina’s turns out makes you want to invite all your friends for Sunday dinner and serve this for company.  No one would complain.

*A note: I put about 3/4 of the casserole in this here 9 x 13 pan, and froze a smaller casserole (biscuit dough frozen separately) to bake off later.  While we were rushing around prepping for international travel, that little freezer casserole served us well.


2 thoughts on “Winter Food

  1. I’m sure cpp would be on that list if AD and I weren’t hoarding your rami’s. Still the biggest AGOM recipe hit in my kitchen 🙂

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