The Wine

In January, people talk about resolutions.  And this year, try as I might, I could not think of one that made me excited.  But this time two Januarys (Januaries?) ago, I made 12 resolutions, only some of which I kept.

One was wine tasting.  Which I had never done.  Two years, and one hemisphere later, I have.

This is Vina Santa Cruz, in Chile’s Colchagua Valley.  And now, when I find myself in an establishment that sells Chilean wine, you’ll find me running over to the bottles to see if the wine is made there.  So I can say I’ve been there.  Yep, I am not a savvy traveler.  I’m that girl.

But when the “ceilings” at the local restaurants look like this, can you blame me?  This place is stunningly beautiful, and served as a perfect escape from our busy week in the city. We arrived in time for a traditional Chilean lunch.

While waiting for our order, this little beauty showed up in front of me.

An empanada.  The South American version of a dumping/pierogi/samosa/what have you.  Fried, flaky, filled with oozy, bubbling cheese.  Hello, lover.

But enough about food.

I was completely engrossed while on our tour.  I am not known for my listening skills, but I was hanging on our guide’s every (thankfully English) word.  And when we got to taste little glasses of everything, I was in heaven.  We drank in the dark cellar, or you’d be seeing each and every sip I took, dear readers.  Most memorable were a rose that was barely sweet, and the smoothest red that was a mix of Carmenere, Malbec, and Cab Sav.

I left Santa Cruz completely inspired.  To taste more, and travel more, and of course, drink more wine.

3 thoughts on “The Wine

  1. It’s true! She really does rush over to the wine section, even in the supermarket!, to see whether she’s been to that vineyard! And Wowzers, little Mrs. Glass-of-Milk, this “Cab Sav” stuff sounds teddibly knowledgeable!

  2. Time out. You have been wine tasting before. Sugarloaf Vineyards in good old Comus, MD may not serve Chilean wine. But you have been wine tasting.

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