Happy Birthday Cari Faye!

Dear readers, today is Cari Faye’s birthday!

The best way I can think of to describe my friendship with Cari Faye is to tell you a little story about her wedding day.

On the day of Cari Faye’s wedding, her wedding party arrived early in the morning to begin the beautification process.  By the time lunch rolled around, our entourage ordered from the deli downstairs.  While six bridesmaids, Cari Faye’s mother, future mother-in-law, and Grandmother, all ordered foods that would ensure their beautiful dresses would zip, Cari Faye ordered 2 pounds of French Fries.  She knew I would enjoy them.  So while all her little friends ate lettuce leaves and tomato slices, we chowed down on potatoes cooked in fat.  See, there they are, in the bottom left of that photo.

In honor of Cari Faye, and the French fries, and because they will pair so well with the meatballs we’re having tonight, we’ll have these too.  Which, weirdly enough, I made exactly two years ago.

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