Random Things

1.  Today is Pi Day.

As such, I made some Jello Pudding Pies and brought them to work.  Jello Pudding Pies are like, the easiest pies in the world to make (easy as pie…see what I did there?) but I got a little anxious about these guys.  There are about a million recipes for Jello Pudding Pie out there on the internets, and how was I to know which one was right and which wasn’t?  Two percent milk or skim?  Pudding/Cool Whip mixture, or all pudding with Cool Whip on top?  Things seemed to work out okay in the end, or so said everyone I fed.

2.  Yesterday was Taco Tuesday.

That’s not a thing.  It became one while I was menu planning on Sunday.  I always ask my husband if there’s anything in particular he wants on the table that week, and he said tacos, right as I arrived at the blank space next to Tuesday.  There you have it.  Taco Tuesday is born.

3.  I am not a single girl.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t eat like one.  I finished dinner the other night and wasn’t hungry.  Unfortunately, my body is finely tuned to crave at least one tiny morsel of something sweet at the end of each meal, which meant the wheels in my head were spinning.  I could eat a Hershey kiss, but that would mean opening the whole bag.  I could eat a spoonful of Nutella, but I lost count of how many times I’d already done that.  I could make Joy the Baker’s Single-Girl Melty Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake!  She mentioned it on one of the podcasts and it sounded perfect for an old married gal whose husband doesn’t eat sweets.

How closely do you read my posts?  Did you notice the part where I said I wasn’t hungry after dinner?  I just wanted one little sweet bite?  This is not one little sweet bite.  I thought it would be.  See, you mix all these little spoonfuls of stuff into a little bowl.  Then you pour the contents of the little bowl into a little baking dish.  But what you take out is not little.  This is one decadent dessert.  It’s incredibly rich, incredibly chocolatey, and incredibly awesome.  Oh well, so I ate more chocolate than I planned on for a day.  I’m no worse for the wear.

The best part about single girl melty chocolate peanut butter cake is you need absolutely no reason to make it.  The recipe yields one serving, so it’s not like the leftovers will be taunting you for the next week.  Make it, eat it, get over it.  That’s what single girls do.

This is my plate after I finished.  Is that an overshare?

I followed Joy’s recipe exactly, though my cake needed about double the oven-time, and still didn’t keep its shape out of the pan.  I’m totally fine with that though.  Just meant more chocolate goop to lick clean.

2 thoughts on “Random Things

  1. When the man in my life was away at college, we used to write each other letters, and one time he said that he liked our letters because they were like the way his mind worked – “One thought to the next without transition in between.” Funny, that’s how my mind works, too, so this post was not random to me, but very readable.
    Also, I wish I could stay home today.

    See what I did there?

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