Lenten Dates (or, I haven’t gotten any better at dipping things in chocolate)

Every year when Lent rolls around, my friend Susan and I make a cooking date.  Last year, we dined on pasta fresca, but I couldn’t serve her wine because she gave it up for Lent.  This year, we dined on the Barefoot Contessa’s pappa al pomodoro and we didn’t drink any wine because we were getting the extra calories elsewhere.

We made Oreo truffles!  Susan put in a special request for them, after she had a hard time dipping them in chocolate on her own.  I warned Susan that dipping things in chocolate is no skill of mine, but she insisted that was okay.

They didn’t all turn out as pretty as those beauties you see up there, most of them looked like this.

They match my crazy running outfit/hair more than they match Susan’s professional working lady outfit. Luckily, as most of you know, when you dip something in chocolate, what it looks like is the last concern you have.

Oreo truffles are quite similar to cake balls except there are (duh) Oreos where there would be cake, and (duh) those sweet cream centers where there would be frosting.

Rather than perform any of the (minimal) steps by hand, we used friendly kitchen appliances to do all the work for us.  It left us more time to gossip.

We pulsed a whole package of Double Stuffs in the food processor,

mixed the crumbs with a package of cream cheese at room temperature, scooped out little balls, and popped them in the fridge while we ate.

Then we melted 8 oz. of chocolate in the microwave, and dipped and dunked.  That’s not pictured because, well, it’s not pretty.  What is the secret to dipping things in chocolate?  Is it the kind of chocolate I’m using?

We put the truffles back in the fridge till the chocolate set, and tried to be as patient as possible while waiting for them to be ready.  I would tell you how many cheaterbites we took at this point, but it would be a lie.  We took a million cheaterbites the whole evening long (and we wish you were there with us, Ali!).

Before we said goodbye for the night, we made a pact not to let a whole year go by before our next cooking date.  And judging from the similarity of our recipe pins, I don’t think we have anything to worry about.

3 thoughts on “Lenten Dates (or, I haven’t gotten any better at dipping things in chocolate)

  1. I never should’ve brought one home for Adam. Now he wants me to make these… Not so sure they’re as easy as pot pies or pancakes.

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