The Anniversary of Awesome

One year ago today, I posted my list of awesome, which included 50 things that are awesome.  I found this book at the library a month or so ago and couldn’t stop thinking about amending my list to include current awesomeness.  Here goes:

1.  Beautiful days when you least expect them.

2.  Zipping a pair of jeans that hasn’t fit in a while.

3.  Pinterest.  That can’t be news to anyone.

4.  Finding a nail color you absolutely love (see also, keeping your hands manicured).  This is OPI French Quarter for your Thoughts and is brought to you by CV.

5.  New dinnerware.

6.  Alone time.

7.  The bread basket at Le Pain Quotidien.

8.  Getting all the clutter off a tabletop.

9.  Marathons of your new favorite TV show on Netflix.

10.  A Starbucks where everybody knows your name.

11.  Monogrammed stationery.

12.  Friends.  Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross are timeless.

13.  Exploring a new (to me) part of an old city.

14.  Seasonal snacks.

15.  Listening to the rain as you fall asleep.

16.  Opening the sunroof for the first time after a long winter.

17.  Using your passport.

18.  Funtivities with SCL and Queen Cupcake.

19.  Project Life.

20.  Good olive oil.

21.  Dedication to your team, no matter the weather (or, ahem, the coach).

22.  Curly fries.

23. iPads.

24.  Those quiet moments the morning of a holiday, before anyone else wakes up.

25.  The Barefoot Contessa.

26.  Live music.

27.  Sending Christmas cards.

28.  Sitting down at the kitchen table after a long day of work.

29.  Surprising people with something sweet.

30.  Pancakes.

31.  Laughing so hard your stomach hurts.

32.  Real campfire s’mores.

33.  Spring flowers.  Peonies, hyacinths, daffodils, tulips, ranunculus, anything.

34.  Cast iron skillets.

35.  Cherry blossoms during the one week of the year they bloom.

36.  St. Elmo’s Fire.

37.  Nike Free Run +2s and new neon headbands to spice up my runs.

38.  Navy and white stripes.

39.  Recipes that look loved.

40.  Georgetown.

41.  Grocery shopping and dreaming up what I’ll make all week.

42.  The sound of popcorn popping, and the excitement that comes with it.

43.  The ocean.

44.  Perfectly styled open shelving.

45.  Wrapping gifts old school style, in the Sunday comics.

46.  Saying yes to sprinkles on ice cream.

47.  Peeling a clementine (or orange) all in one go.

48.  Instax pictures.  Hi, Sous Chef Lauren!

49.  A new dress, and plans to wear it somewhere fabulous.

50.  90th birthday parties.

4 thoughts on “The Anniversary of Awesome

  1. Wouldn’t know what it’s like to zip a pair of jeans that hasn’t fit in a while, but LOVE “St. Elmo’s Fire,” LOVE the ocean, LOVE laughing myself silly, LOVE my LB! P.S. You sound like a pretty organized person!

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