The Perfect Occasion

I don’t know if you’re aware of this yet, but this year, Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby fall on the same day.  Which is perfect in Casa Glass of Milk because my husband is Chilean* and I’m obnoxiously preppy.  Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby falling on the same day is like an extra Christmas for us.


As soon as I figured that one out, I practically had the Paperless Post cards in the (e)mail.  And then I realized we already have plans that day.  We’re scheduled to see my beloved Phillies play at 1:05 that afternoon.  Post time for the Derby is 6:24.  Cinco de Mayo won’t end till midnight.  We live a solid 15 minutes from the baseball stadium.  Can you solve this math problem, dear readers?  It could work.


But if it did work, it would be a hectic day, and an even hectic-er night before (when it just so happens, we also have plans), trying to have everything prepped and ready to take out of the fridge the second we walked back into our home.  I’m still mulling it over because I just don’t want to let the occasion pass us by uncelebrated.  Here’s what I would do.


First off, no good party happens sans cocktails.  In honor of Cinco de Mayo, serve your guests sangria.  Sangria is always best when it’s mixed ahead of time and served the next day, which makes it perfect for entertaining.  And for the Kentucky Derby, you can’t not have mint juleps.  In case that’s not enough bourbon for your crew, you can serve Kentucky mimosas as well.

For munchies, we’d have to have a quesadilla bar.  This is an entertaining dream, as you can prep all the mix-ins the night before, and throw everything in little bowls in your fridge.  When your guests arrive, just set everything on a long table and get someone to fire up the grill.  Guac and chips are a must.

And then dessert.  Oh, are the possibilities endless here.  In case serving three different cocktails isn’t enough, stay with the boozy theme of this day and serve them margarita cupcakes. I’ve made one version that starts with a box mix, but Annie’s are from scratch, and they look great.

And it’s the Derby, so that means one thing and one thing only.  No, not bourbon balls, though you certainly could go that route.  Derby day = derby pie.  I’ve had one made by native Kentuckians (Kentuckans?) and never made my own.  This year, that’s changing.

Hmmm, written down like this it all sounds so manageable.  What do you think dear readers?  Do I bite the bullet and try and throw together an entire party in advance?  Spend a crazy busy, but possibly fantastic day watching my favorite team and seeing my favorite people?

*A note – I know that Cinco de Mayo is not actually a Chilean holiday.  But I love having people over, so I’ll take some liberties with a good excuse.

6 thoughts on “The Perfect Occasion

  1. the selfish side of me tells you NOT to have this party, as mr. and mrs. white will be sailing the seas this day and would not be able to enjoy the goodies (namely, bourbon and margarita cupcakes). but, if your wild side decides to host this event, then please make sure you blog about it, and you save a cupcake for me!

  2. A day that includes the Phillies, a horse race, a party, alcohol and cupcakes? A MUST!! Completely doable and fun. If I wasn’t going to be out of town, I’d totally steal your ideas.

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