Can You Do It All?

For the past week, I have been off of work.  In that time, I have run errands, cleaned the kitchen floor (twice in one week–that’s huge), caught up with laundry, called the painter, gotten an old print framed, made a necessary trip to the post office, done all of our dishes (a job usually reserved for my husband), and crossed three things off of my to-do list that I have been putting off for approximately a century.  I cleared the clutter off my kitchen table long enough to actually clean it.  Oh, and I’ve made new recipes for lunch, dinner, and dessert almost daily.  It’s been a productive time to say the least.

And yet, I don’t feel like it’s all done.  My house still doesn’t look ready for an Elle Decor spread.  The kitchen table is cluttered again, and the dining room and coffee tables.  Well, I bet you can imagine how those look.  As soon as I make something new there is another mound of dishes in the sink.  As soon as the laundry hampers are empty, the day ends, and more dirty clothes go right back in.

Apologies, dear readers, if I sound like I am complaining.  I’m not.  I actually feel more on top of my housework than I ever do while I’m working and trying to do all these things.  But I wonder how those women who seem to do it all actually do it all. My secret?  I put fresh flowers on the table and hope people don’t notice the rest.

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