This Week

Remember way back in the summer when I documented a week in my life?  Ali Edwards, the creative genius behind the project, was back in action last week, and so was I.  I realized pretty early in the week that doing this project in the spring, when I work full time, was going to be way different than doing it in the summer, when I don’t.  I tried to keep my camera(s) with me all day, but folks, work gets busy, and that’s just not always possible.  Thus, the following shots put together reflect more of a day in my life.  I’m still oh-so-grateful to have them.

The morning after a busy evening in the kitchen.

Kids’ cereal is the best.  Even if it is pure sugar.

Speaking of pure sugar, here’s my daily Starbucks stop.  Best morning team in the DC area.  I pass 2 other Starbucks in favor of this one.

Errands after work.

On the road.

Post-work pick me up with AGOMYR.

My favorite pizza (and a trip home to see Pops and Wooden Nickels).

Running in my new Free Run +2’s.  These are the second pair I’ve bought in a month.  I love them!

Curling up for the night with Christian Grey.  Oh dear readers, it’s terrible.  Also, amazing.

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