Dear readers, I’m in the midst of my busiest time of year at work.  There are dozens of deadlines looming over my head, twelve-hour days that pass in the blink of an eye, and numerous after-hours events that I can’t pass up.

Dear readers, when I’m busy at work, I’ve been known to get a teensy bit stressed.  Like, snap-at-my-husband, crank out frozen meals one after another, eat my weight in butter and sugar, and complain more than is good for anyone stressed.

Dear readers, the other day, one of my favorite eleven year olds put things in perspective for me.  After working on a long, difficult project for school, he insisted on listing three things he was thankful for at the bottom.  And if an eleven year old can stop to think of things he’s thankful for, surely I can do the same.

1. Super preppy Sunday mornings

2.  Texting with SCL and emailing with Queen Cupcake

3. A weekend nice enough to spend outdoors.

The other day, I got a thank you note from CV in the mail.  It came out of nowhere and at the end of a day that had been so fantastic, I couldn’t hold it together anymore.  I burst into tears and spent a solid minute crying.  AGOMYR wrote me a completely unnecessary, and so totally appreciated thank you note last week that made my day.  This evening I have a list of ten people I need to write thank you notes to for one reason or other.  And while I don’t think my thanks will send anyone into hysterics, I hope the recipients will feel the sentiment behind the words I put on paper.

How about you dear readers?  What are you thankful for?  And who in your life deserves your thanks?

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