Summer Cocktails

With Memorial Day come and gone, we are heading straight into the thick of summer.  While talking to my Ex the other day, I was saying how I try not to drink during the week.  It’s just empty calories, and honestly, I’d rather spend them on desert.  I drink on the weekends, at happy hours, and tailgates and barbecues.  Except in the summer.  When I have a habit of slipping liquor into unsuspecting fruit juices everywhere.  Every day.  Case in point, strawberry basil mojitos.  Because sometimes you need a drink on Sunday at 4:00.

I made this one, and next time I think I’ll try this one.


6 thoughts on “Summer Cocktails

  1. Yum. I’m thinking I might take these recipes with me on my Mississippi trip. They seem perfect for a wedding weekend in the south 🙂

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