Twenty Questions

It’s officially summer round these parts, and I have a(nother) strawberry rhubarb crumble in the oven to prove it.  I’ve been living life at an easier pace, flipping through issues of Southern Living, sipping drinks slowly, and walking to the library every day.  Life is good.

I’ve also been catching up on Homefries podcasts.  Since I’m up to date on my fave, The Joy the Baker Podcast, I’m venturing out into new territory and listening to The Simple Mom Podcast too.  No, I’m not a mom, nor am I planning to be one anytime soon.  But I like Tsh, and her site, so why wouldn’t I like her podcast too?  At the end of each episode she asks her guests a set of questions, and I figured it’d be fun to answer them myself.  So here you go, dear readers, and if you have a minute, leave me an answer of your own in the comments!

1.  Twitter or Facebook?

Twitter.  Easy.

2.  Morning person, or night owl?

I’ve always been a morning person.

3.  How do you drink your coffee?

Sugared up, from a Starbucks I drive out of the way to get to.  Tall most days, and a grande when I need the rush.  Except in the summer I don’t drink caffeine, so it’s a Venti Unsweetened Passion Tea Lemonade for me, please.

4.  It’s 9:00 p.m. and you have the house to yourself…what do you do?

This happens twice a week when my husband is at school.  Make a super girly dinner (pasta with some green foods mixed in), curl up on the couch with a girl book, or a trashy TV series on Netflix.

5.  What’s on your nightstand?

This one’s embarrassing, I so need to clean it right now.  A lamp, a little dish with coins in it, a huge stack of reading materials, some chapsticks, turtles from my collection of turtles, and a lot of dust.

6.  What smell do you love?

This one.  Forever.  But also this one.

7.  What smell do you hate?

Ew, this is one that’s not coming to me right away, and not one I want to think about.  Probably the trash when you haven’t taken it out in too long.

8.  Aside from where you’re currently living, where would you most like to live?

New York City.  Chelsea if I’m still young.  UES if I’m old.  Brunch every Sunday, walks on the High Line, cupcakes ’round every corner, and evening drinks somewhere cozy.  Sorry, I’m getting distracted.

9.  Who is a historical figure you admire?

Um, is Oprah historical?  Just the other day I realized how much I miss her.  But if we have to be historical, historical, then Katharine Hepburn.  The epitome of class.

10.  When you were 6 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?

1)  Have I grown up?

2)  When I was 4 and in nursery school, there is written evidence that I said I wanted to be a ballerina.  I think I was trying to conform to societal norms, I don’t think I actually wanted to.

3)  A teacher.

11. Aidan or Big?

Big.  Abso-f***in’-lutely.

12.  If you could eat only one nationality of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Italian.  The real kind.  With Parmesan, prosciutto and pasta galore.  I just watched House Hunters Rome, and now I want to go there for Christmas this year.  Who would like to sponsor that little getaway?

13.  Would you rather go camping in the country or stay in a hotel in the city?

My idea of nature is the beach.  I’m a city girl.

14.  Would you rather dress up or go casual?

I wish I could say dress up.  It’s my goal to want to put on a slinky dress and sneak away to dinner with my husband most nights each week.  But I’m a running shorts and cook at home girl at heart.

15.  What’s your favorite store?

What a toughie.  SCL, Queen Cupcake and I used to get out of school at 12:30 every Thursday and make a beeline for the King of Prussia Mall.  The last time I set foot in a shopping mall I texted SCL and said, “I can’t believe we ever wanted to come here.”  That said, any Lilly store.  Or Chelsea Market.

16.  What’s your favorite song?

You Can Close Your Eyes by James Taylor.  But John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Kings of Leon and Mumford and The Beatles are on heavy rotation on my iTunes as well.  I’m such a cliche.

17.  What is your least favorite mode of transportation?

The Philadelphia Subway.  Unless I’m riding with SCL.  She keeps me safe.

18.  What sound do you love?

Right now, my 2 year old neighbor coming and going in the unit beneath us.

19.  Who would play you in a movie?

Oh lord. In my dreams, Julie Andrews.  Or as Dick Van Dyke would say, “Ma-ry Poppins!”

20.  If you could learn any skill, what would it be?

Is patience a skill?  Listening?  Also, basketball.  I have never been any good at it.

3 thoughts on “Twenty Questions

  1. 1. Facebook. 2. Morning. 3. Half an inch of whole milk. 4. Sleep. 5. My earrings and my night-night glass of water. 6. Rhododendron atlanticum (Marydel azalea). 7. The one you get driving behind a garbage truck. 8. Right smack on the ocean. 9. I like people who are alive better. 10. A grownup. 11. Who are these people? 12. Indian–palak paneer. 13. Luxury hotel in the country. 14. Casual. 15. BR. 16. Dancing–“Billy Jean” or “Play That Funky Music.” Singing–“This Can’t Be Love.” Wonky–“Hip Hip Chin Chin.” Fave fave fave–anything by Laura Nyro. 17. Taxi. 18. Ocean. 19. The mom in “The Parent Trap” or the company commander’s wife in “From Here to Eternity.” 20. I would be on Broadway!

  2. omg. when i was a teenager with a livejournal i used to self-indulgently post surveys all the time. thank you for making me realize that love has not died.
    1. i don’t really know what to do with twitter besides the little that i already do, so i guess facebook by default – but only by default
    2. night owl
    3. with baileys. mmm. ok, only on weekends. extra bold with a little cream, from a french press. always a french press.
    4. put on my robe, eat something terrible for me, and watch something awful
    5. a lamp, a water bottle, a ring dish, and anthony bourdain’s “kitchen confidential” (yep, still there)
    6. mrs. meyer’s clean day basil scented soaps
    7. axolotls.
    8. in the us: sonoma, outside the us: interlaken, switzerland, a stone’s throw away from all lovely things and places european, and on beautiful days i would take my vespa through the alps. sigh…
    9. i’m so glad this question was phrased with “a historical,” because i really hate when people say “an historical.” the cliches are all there for me, and audrey hepburn is high on my list, and julia child is so cool, but let’s be honest, michael jordan is, like, my favorite person of all time.
    10. probably an actress, i was a very outspoken kid. teacher came to me at 7 when i met my second grade teacher.
    11. haha. big. but i will say i loved aidan, until she wore the ring on a necklace. i knew it was downhill from there.
    12. oh, for sure italian. bread, pasta, and cheese.
    13. i loooove the mountains. but, i do think when push comes to shove, i’d like to stay in a hotel in the mountains.
    14. your answer is why we are friends.
    15. ha. j.crew.
    16. ever? dear prudence. and i saw her standing there. also, every other beatles song (except for “number 9,” which i am just not artsy enough to love)
    17. the metro. i so hate the metro.
    18. the sound people make when they are happy to see me. especially kids. also, i love the way it sounds when you clink wine glasses.
    19. umm… this took some thinking. if it were a movie about the way my life should have been, it would be the french actress, mélanie laurent. i just love her.
    20. to sew.

    omg that was so fun.

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