I Live Here

It’s a scary thing, dear readers, but after 10 years, I’m ready to say it.

I live here.

(Here being The District.)


Land of the sweltering summers, crowded metro escalators, losing teams, small parking spaces, and a political viewpoint that’s slightly left of center.

Let’s call Washington marginally different from my place of birth.

It was supposed to be a stopping point on my way back home.  But, 4 years of college, a husband, two sports worth of season tickets, and most of this collection of characters later, and it looks like we just might be here for a while.  I have roots here.  Parts of me that would make leaving incredibly hard. Which is incredibly hard to believe.

And besides all that, there are some perks to the area as well.  So much of what’s to do here is free (even the cupcakes if you know where to look), people drive in the left lane, you can live in the city without always feeling like you live in the city, you’re never far from a great brunch, and, oh yeah, these.

This summer, I’ve been getting out and taking advantage of my “new” city.  My inspiration comes from KP, who seems to squeeze all the adventure she can out of New York City.  So if I’m going to call DC home, I’ve got a lot to see and do.  And that’s my goal for the rest of the summer.

So far, that’s included frequent jaunts into Georgetown, a climb to the top of my favorite Adirondack chair, an impromptu stop at Farragut Friday (hello classic CapMac), seeing the DC fireworks, and drinking at happy hours dotted all over town.

Cheers to many more adventures before the season is through!  And to making a go of it in a new place.

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