La La Land

Dear readers, I am so late in getting this post to you.

I went to LA to visit Queen Cupcake!

We did cultural things like go to museums, and, um…..

historic landmarks?

And we ate.


If you were to visit LA, you’d probably think to try In-N-Out and Sprinkles (at least, I hope you would).

But you might not know about Aroma.  And you should.  It’s adorable, makes a great omelet, and has zillions of outdoor tables around every turn.

And if you sat at one of said tables, you’d be able to listen in on the Hollywood gossip going on all around you.  Seriously, lots of iPads and secret meetings.  Anywhere the people watching rivals the level of the food is my kind of place.

And you might not know about The Griddle.  And you should know about The Griddle.  If you can swing it, head over for breakfast on a weekday.  If you can only get there on a weekend, get in line, and wait anyway.  Oh the pancakes.  Oh, the pancakes!  Looking at that picture makes me want to cry.  I ordered Mounds pancakes (coconut and chocolate chips) and gobbled through as much of this massive stack as I could before boarding my plane in a carb-induced coma.  These still haunt my dreams.

You could also play it like Queen Cupcake and order Nutella-stuffed French toast.  Or you could get the red velvet pancake, since that’s what they’re famous for over there at Griddle.

You might not know about Yummy Cupcakes.  That I know of, they haven’t been on cupcake wars, and their storefront is unassuming.  But they have Queen Cupcakes official “best in LA” stamp of approval, which is all I need.  This is some crazy chocolate-covered-pretzel concoction.  My excuse to go back soon is that they were sold out of red velvet 1/2 and 1/2 (1/2 cream cheese frosting, 1/2 chocolate) by the time we got there.

And, finally, you might not know about Lemonade.  This little spot is about to open and debut a breakfast menu in LAX.  Lucky you, if you depart from Terminal 5.  Lemonade has tons of salad and sandwich options.  One bite into my avocado and I knew I wasn’t in Kansas DC anymore.  Don’t go without getting a huge cup of, what else, lemonade.

I’m already making a list of what I need to eat when I go back.  So far I have:  more cupcakes, Coolhaus, Clementine, and…what else?  Do you have favorite LA eateries?  They don’t have to start with C!

2 thoughts on “La La Land

  1. So in other words, you went to LA to . . . eat! “Aroma” looks terrific and reminds me of all the restaurants in Key West, where you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner outdoors!

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