You Could Use a Drink

When Wednesday hits, its annoying little sister, Midweek Slump, always comes right along with it.  In case you need a pick-me-up dear readers, swing by Whole Foods on the way home and grab what you need to make this little cocktail, the Pom Pom Fizz.

Three items.  That’s it.  Vodka (which happens to be something I always have in stock), pomegranate soda (I found this at Whole Foods), and lime.  Really, it’s only half a lime, so mix drinks, and whip up some guacamole while you’re at it.  Bam.  Feels like the weekend now, doesn’t it?

I found the recipe for this gem in a recent West Elm catalog.

To make a Pom Pom Fizz, mix 2 oz. vodka, 1/2 oz. fresh lime juice, and 4 oz. pomegranate soda* in a glass.  Add lots of ice, give your cocktail a stir, and garnish with a slice of lime.**

*You can absolutely use pomegranate juice here.  Pomegranate soda is some hard stuff to find.  You’ll just have to take the “Fizz” out of the title.  Or, add 1 oz. club soda and 3 oz. pomegranate juice instead.

**Now I have leftover pomegranate soda/juice.  What the heck do I do with it?  Great question, dear readers.  You have two options.  1.  Make more drinks!  2.  Add it into your next mimosa, either with, or without OJ.

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