Dear Thanksgiving

Dear Thanksgiving,

We had so much fun again, didn’t we?

  I’m writing to make sure you know how much I appreciated every minute of it.  Well, them.  Since I celebrated you three times.

But, really, I celebrated you even more than that.  Because every minute I spent preparing for you is a minute I spent celebrating.

You are my favorite day of the year, and when I put together a dish that will end up on your table, I don’t do it without immense thought and care.

It’s not just the day, it’s the whole process; the getting ready, the repetition of steps in the kitchen I undertake year, after year, after year.

Only to be topped by the meal itself.  Because it’s about more than eating, it’s about connecting.

It restores my soul.

Thanksgiving, I hope that doesn’t sound too dramatic, because I mean it.  You are the day I wait for during all others.  I get you.

l like to think you get me too–that the feeling is mutual.

Until next year, Thanksgiving.

I remain, forever yours,

Recipes include this turkey, real green bean casserole, Grandma Glass of Milk’s mashed potatoes, my husband’s cranberry sauce (to which he now only adds a scant cup of sugar), various and sundry smoothies I drank in a vain attempt to detox, and a slew of others, forthcoming.

One thought on “Dear Thanksgiving

  1. Your husband’s cranberry sauce sounds delicious! Does he make it from scratch? Is it difficult? Everything looks great–hope your family is appreciative of all you do for them at the holidays! 🙂

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