Humor Me

Please, dear readers, humor me for a minute, and let me be that blogger who’s all, “OMG, I met these people and I love them and they are the coolest!”

Warning: true colors ahead…

OMG I met these people and I love them and they are the coolest!  John and Sherry, whaaaaaaat?

Did you know I read YHL?  Did you know I love YHL?  Did you know I am mega-impressed with everything this duo DIYs?  Did you know I am desperate to get my house exactly just-so and have them crash it?

Our story begins way back when John and Sherry released their book tour schedule.  CV(D) and I were jumping-up-and-down-ecstatic when we realized our favorite bloggers would be minutes away from casa Glass of Milk on a late November evening.

And then things got busy at work.

And then there was my favorite holiday.

And then I totally forgot about it.

Until Monday.  When CV(D) asked if we were still on.

Ummmmm, yes!

It took a little bit of waiting in the cold, but CV(D) and I are nothing if not desperate for more time together, regardless of whether we can feel our toes.

Good thing we had so much time together, because it let us brainstorm exactly how our interactions with John and Sherry would go down.  CV(D) had the brilliant idea of asking them to make my book out to J.Lo.  More specifically, she wanted to say, “$herdog, meet J.Lo,” upon arrival, because obviously, if she did, we would all instantly become BFFs and talk for hours.

And that’s exactly what happened.  (#andthenistoletheirinstagram)


Seriously, dear readers, they both got totally into it and were beyond fun, and nice, and the lovely, witty, fabulous people you see and hear on their site.  Jokes were made about the rocks that I got and then John whipped out his phone to take a picture of them signing my book!!!!!!!!

And for one evening, life was complete.

Now I’m off to read every last word of those 336 pages and see if I can get the back of my bookcase to look the way I want it to.

5 thoughts on “Humor Me

  1. I definitely saw that Instagram somewhere else…. Was it on their blog too? I didnt realize i knew the J.Lo it was too also….. i feel chool or something! Awesome all around!

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