It’s Not Christmas Till You’ve Worn an Ugly Sweater

Earlier this weekend, I discovered the secret to holiday entertaining.

treeGet it over with.

I was so excited to host my coworkers for an Ugly Sweater Happy Hour after work.  I scrubbed my house from top to bottom the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I spent the following week getting out all of our decorations.  And then I went on a trip to Target with special permission from myself to buy whatever I wanted.  It was for the party.  I spent a couple evenings prepping some food-related items, and then it was show time.

puppy chowAnd now it’s over.  I still have a solid 2.5 weeks of holiday enjoyment ahead of me.  My house is clean.  The decorations are up.  I’m lucky enough to get to kick back and relax on these strangely balmy December nights.

larry hitting the bottleWhich is great, as there are bottles of leftover wine in our fridge.  I just have to fight off Larry the Elf to get to them.

Whenever I entertain, I follow these main rules.  But I’m adding a new one:

Set up a photo booth at any and all future gatherings.

Because why not?

photo boothRecognize those lovely mugs?  That’s CV(D), Ali, and me, keeping it real in our favorite holiday gear.  I saw this idea on Pinterest, and wanted to make it happen.  I was taking a risk here, venturing out into uncharted (for me) entertaining waters.  Besides, whose pins actually turn out so well in real life?  I gathered some holiday accoutrement, taped some green plaid wrapping paper to the wall, and said a little prayer.  I knew the photo booth would either be the life of the party, or the loser who sits in the corner with no one to talk to.  Good news.  It was the former.

westiesFor a mere 99 cents, Pocketbooth took an already fun gathering and made it totes amaze.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a fire to sit in front of, and I’m not getting up till January 1.

5 thoughts on “It’s Not Christmas Till You’ve Worn an Ugly Sweater

    • Hi WN! It was a great time. Perhaps Jennie can set one up for you next time she’s in town. I’ve heard her husband just loved it 😛

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