Sugar and Spice

Dear Readers, Hey Girl Hey had a baby.

I cried.  I sat on the couch, reading her text messages, and I cried.

Cari Faye taught me that you know a friend is a keeper when you didn’t know you could feel so much happiness for another person.

That’s how I feel about Hey Girl Hey and her new little one.

hey girl hey, jr.With any luck, CV(D), AGOMYR, my ex, and I get to go visit this new little one over the weekend.  CV(D) and I spent the latter part of work day brainstorming meals we could deliver.

I mean, cupcakes are my obvious go-to but I’m thinking this woman is going to need some sustenance over the next few weeks/months/years.  Sanding sugar just won’t do.  Thus, I’m racking my brain for freezer-friendly meals.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

mac and cheeseObviously, macaroni and cheese is at the top of the list.  It’s Wooden Nickels’ classic recipe, and my comfort food of choice, no matter the occasion.

lasagna Lasagna is always a classic, but with Hey Girl, Hey’s Italian background, I’d be too afraid I’m stepping on Grandma Hey Girl Hey’s toes.

chicken enchiladasI can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want The Pioneer Woman’s enchiladas around on a winter evening.

chicken chiliUnless someone really had a hankering for soup.  In which case, I’d give them the Barefoot Contessa’s chicken chili.  It’s pretty darn healthy, too.

Dear readers, if someone was filling your freezer, what would you want them to bring?

8 thoughts on “Sugar and Spice

  1. This is so sweet–hooray for Hey Girl Hey and her new little bunny! When I had my first, I was absolutely ecstatic and very proud to have given birth to the cutest baby ever born–also I was just the teeniest bit tired because my own little bunny didn’t nap quite as much as I assumed babies nap–she was (and still is) an enthusiastic type who didn’t want to miss anything by taking a boring nap! Anyway, these are terrific food choices for a new mom–HGH will love any of these choices!

  2. Baked ziti – recipe from the back of the San Giorgio’s box divided between two 8×8 pans since there are only two grownup mouths being fed.
    (but you already knew that)

  3. When Joe and I were down for the count this summer, we had a lot of yummy meals delivered… my #1 favorite was enchiladas (from none other than Ali Cheater Bite), so that’s a good choice. We also enjoyed anything that was pre-assembled and freezer-ready, which we could dump into the slow cooker to cook. I also made some meals for a new mom in the fall, and the classic Pinterest chicken breasts+green beans+red potatoes+butter+seasoning in a glass Pyrex baking dish got good reviews for ease and tastiness.

  4. Wow, I had fallen behind on your posts since the bambina arrived, and I have to say that your kind words just made me quite emotional. ❤
    The mac and cheese that you brought on your first visit was devoured by the hubby and me and the chicken chili is a recipe that I plan to keep handy. You are an amazing cook and an amazing friend. xox

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