We Went to Rome

It was old.

Buon NataleThat’s what my husband suggested I tell Wooden Nickels in the first of her daily report emails.

And that’s true.

roman flatironBut it’s a lot more too.  It’s gritty.  It moves quickly.  It’s surprising.  And it’s stunning.

ruinsEvery time you turn the corner, you run into more sculptures, churches, or columns, which were made before a time most of us can even comprehend.  But they’re not just a couple crumbling bricks.  They’re massive.

ColiseumWe drove right by the Coliseum on our way into the city, and it took my breath away.  My frame of reference was a football stadium.  You know, it’s round, it houses competitions, and lots of people come to watch stuff happen there.  So, football stadium, right?  No.  Bigger.  So much bigger.  The photographs, of it, and so much else, can’t convey just how massive everything is.

trastavereSo yes, we went to Rome.  And it was old.  And it was an experience.  And there was food.  Good food.  The most fabulous of which, I’ll be outlining here soon.

piazza del popoloIf you get the opportunity, dear readers, go get your passport stamped.  It’s so worth it.

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