In Which I am a Follower

Though I am quite bossy and verbose, I wouldn’t dare call myself a leader.  If you need me, I’ll be the one following the other ducklings, right in a row, one in front of the other.  I want nothing more than to blend in with the crowd (granted, it’s a crowd that’s wearing Lilly Pulitzer, so we blend in bright colors).

The other day I Googled the lyrics to a new song I thought was catchy and found out it was by Phillip Phillips.  As in, the most recent American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips.  I thought I was being all cool and liking this little song, only to find out it’s one millions of Americans voted for on the millionth season of the millionth reality show to air on television.

So, original I’m not.


I can make a mean breaded chicken cutlet.

salt and vinegar chickenAnd replacing the breadcrumbs with crushed salt and vinegar chips made it stand out head and shoulders above any other breaded chicken cutlet I’ve eaten.

I got the idea from the Sussmans, whose cookbook, This is a Cookbook, is absolutely amazing.

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