currently january 13

dreaming…about rearranging the furniture in our living room.

(re)watching…Friday Night Lights.  Classic.

listening…to Phillip Phillips, Home, and Imagine Dragons, It’s Time

saving…for a new printer (yes, Queen Cupcake, that printer)

missing…Queen Cupcake and SCL something fierce.

noticing…that cute pajama sets are everywhere.

dying…to get outside and run, but it’s so cold, and I am a total wimp about that.

loving…the fresh start a new year brings.

cheering…for maryland basketball twice a week.

reading…a bunch of books, but nothing is sticking.  any suggestions, dear readers?

feeling…more excited about this little old blog than I have in a while.

5 thoughts on “Currently

    • That does look like some excellent french toast! About rearranging your living room . . . try a REALLY BIG AND COMFORTABLE chair that makes a STATEMENT!!! It works particularly well if the chair is blue. It can really anchor the whole look of the room, and it will make your guests feel at home. 🙂

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