Maybe we’ll just officially declare it list week here at A Glass of Milk.pop fizz clinkLast year, I didn’t make a single resolution.  Not a one.  I wasn’t into it.  It was so not like me.  On the other hand, you could say I didn’t break any of my resolutions.

This year I was itching to set some goals.

Yeah, I know it’s more than halfway through January.  But I consider all of January my fresh start month, so just play along, dear readers.


I wanted to be picky about my resolutions this year.  I didn’t want to do “more” of something or “not” do something.  Not one of my resolutions starts with “don’t” or “no.”  I wanted to be intentional (but I hate the word intentional) about looking ahead.  What do I want to bring to my life?  And so, a list:

1.  Entertain.  I love when my house is full, but it doesn’t happen nearly enough.

2.  Walk.  Our old place was perfectly situated for walking to the grocery store, the library, even nearby shopping.  This places makes walking everywhere slightly more complicated, though it’s still totally possible. Get on it, girl!

3.  Listen.  To others, mostly.  But to myself, too.  I’ve been working on that.

4.  Celebrate.  Most importantly, my birthday, which has gone unheralded for the past two years.  But other, little things, too.

What about yours, dear readers?  Tell me you haven’t given up already.

One thought on “Resolve

  1. 28 acts of kindness, find a way to volunteer, 10 more lbs (6 came off last year), more dark chocolate in my life, celebrate Glass-of-Milk’s birthdays! Looking forward to reading everyone’s resolutions! 🙂

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