My Culinary Everest

For so long, I was intimidated by Ree’s Cinnamon Rolls.

I’m going to keep on capitalizing Ree’s Cinnamon Rolls, because, well, duh.

Though I’ve made plenty of bread in my day there seemed to be a lot of rising time with Ree’s Cinnamon Rolls, and I feared the doughy process would cause me stress over the better part of two days.

It didn’t.

Ree’s Cinnamon Rolls were easy.

Really, really, easy.

Take a look.

dream dough

This dough is a dream to work with.  I’ll take it over pie crust any day.

butterMy husband asked whether this recipe contained a normal person amount of butter or a Grandma Glass of Milk amount of butter.  I responded, “More.”

skating pondNo, that’s not a skating pond, it’s a lake of butter.  Smelled like a movie theater up in here.

spillageThis was just the beginning of the spillage.  As I understand it, that means I used just enough butter.

bunsI grabbed the extra cinnamon/butter/sugar mixture off the counter, and schmeared it atop the rolls.


And then they baked up all purty, like the Pillsbury ones do.  But puffier.

glazingGlazing things is my favorite.  None of that precision like you need when you’re frosting.

finished rollsWait, I take it back.

dig inEating them is my favorite part.

Here are my notes on these beauties (Ree’s too):

  • There will be butter.  Get ready.  It will ooze out of the giant dough roll and spill into whatever kitchen territory you occupy.  And then some.  Be prepared.  Kitchen towels are your best friend.
  • Also clean your counter before you start working.  That way you can scoop up the excess butter/cinnamon/sugar mixture and schmear it on the rolls like I did.
  • I halved the recipe and everything worked out just as peachily-keen as it should have.
  • I didn’t glaze the rolls fresh out of the oven, thus they don’t look exactly like Ree’s.  This bothers me.  They taste amazing.  It shouldn’t.
  • I can’t wait to make these again.
  • Now that my culinary Everest turned out to be more of a mole hill and less of a mountain, I need something else to be afraid to make.  Any ideas?

2 thoughts on “My Culinary Everest

  1. I can vouch for these little puppies! Why, as a matter of fact, as part of my new fitness plan, I had one for breakfast-dessert ~ right after I polished off a plate of French toast made by none other than Glass-of-Milk’s husband! 🙂

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