I Don’t Know How She Does It

I get the giggles when someone asks me how I do it all.  Because it means there are people who think I do it all.

Dear readers.

I do not do it all.

I don’t even think I do half of it.

But I try.

Every day.

And every day, the trying looks a little different.  For the past couple days it’s meant less cooking of new foods and more cooking of old favorites.  It’s also meant more sleeping.  And more reading.  (Need recommendations?  I flew through The Age of Miracles, and Where’d You Go, Bernadette?  Next up? Gone Girl.  Eep, I’m scared!)

ImageSometimes, in the name of getting it all done, you need to make an easy pie.  One that uses totally artificial ingredients, but is still totally amazing.

Enter, Oreo Triple Layer Chocolate Pie.  Layer upon chocolatey (and in my case, minty) layer of goodness.


Crumbly.  Chilly.  Downright comforting.

Sometimes, good food doesn’t need a garnish.  Or a drizzle of some fancy vinegar that you can’t believe you paid so much for at Whole Foods.  Sometimes, good food needs Cool Whip*!  I mean, you can buy that stuff with real cream now.  It’s practically all natural.

Click on the link above to find the recipe.  I used skim milk to make the pudding, and Candy Cane Joe-Joes as my Oreos.

*A Note – I never use Cool Whip.  (This is why–ew!)  I don’t use it so much that I always forget it’s totally frozen and you have to thaw it out a little before you use it.

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