In addition to being one of my most favorite movies (Well, my favorite first 15 minutes of a movie.  Seriously, watch this and try not to ugly cry.), Up is now a bracelet by Jawbone.


Heard of it?  It tracks your steps each day, it assesses your sleep, and that’s only the beginning.

Their slogan is, “Know yourself.  Live better.”  Because this little bracelet can add insight to almost anything you do.  You can add the foods you eat each day on the corresponding app to count calories.  You can even log your moods throughout the day, and the app will start to figure out exactly what it is that makes your days great.  Not only will it track your deep vs. light sleep, but it will figure out how to wake you up in the morning without interrupting a REM cycle.  It might be Big Brother.

I first heard about it on Joanna’s blog.  I was intrigued, but I quickly returned to my regularly scheduled programming.

Then I watched Carly’s demo.  (Yes, I’m almost 30 and I read College Prepster, and yes, I love that Carly is vlogging!)  This bracelet is all I have thought of in the meantime.

I kind of have to have one.  Navy would be most inconspicuous, but with something like this, I think you have to go all out and get a fun color.

What do you think, dear readers?  Would you wear one?  Do you want to know that much about yourself?  Is it all a load of hooey?  Is it the wave of the future?

Picture from here.

2 thoughts on “Up

  1. I think I’m ok in the self-awareness-about-my-moods department!!! And I know how tired I am . . . and how many snickerdoodles I ate that I shouldn’t have eaten. If my bracelet told me I was cranky, or that I shouldn’t have eaten that snickerdoodle? Well, . . . I shudder to think.

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