Life Book

We’re taking this week to get to know each other a little, dear readers.  It doesn’t mean there won’t be anything food related, but if you’re here to see what I ate for dinner, check back next week.

Whenever people find out I use a paper planner, they laugh at me.

“Isn’t everything on your phone?” (no)

“Don’t you have a Google calendar?” (also, no)

It’s not for lack of trying.  It’s just a part of the 21st century I can’t quite get into.  People call this little beauty my life book, and I love them for it.  I can’t make a move without it.

life book 1

But it also has competition.

pl december

Because this is my second life book.  It’s technical name is Project Life, but to CV(D) and everyone she shows it off to, it’s my life book.  It has my whole life.

LA week

Project Life is a memory keeping system designed by Becky Higgins to simplify the scrapbooking process.  When I was a lowly high school student I had gobs of time on my hands (Oh, I didn’t know it then, I thought I was soooo busy) and I would bust out the rubber cement for hours of scrappy fun.  And then I went to college.  And then I got a job.  And those hours I used to carve out for putting stickers on paper just weren’t there anymore.  At least not back to back the way they used to be.

busy saturday

Enter Project Life.  Slip some photos in pockets and you’re done.  I could tell you so much about it, but these three ladies do it better than I.  I follow them along each and every week and snitch so many good ideas from their layouts.  And rather than blather on about how much I love Project Life, I figured I’d just show you.

cv(d)'s wedding week

Isn’t it a beaut?  Photos.  Pockets.  Stickers when/where you like.  Done and done.  I have all of 2012 recorded and am inching my way through 2013.  I’ve simplified the process even more this year, with less scrapbook stuff.  Just photos, paper, and pens.  I thought the whole thing looked a little random and thrown together (after all, it is) at first, but once you have several weeks under your belt, you start to see the importance of recording not just the big stuff, but the little stuff too.  Flipping through last year’s album lets me see so many parts of the year I may have otherwise forgotten.

baseball card insertAre you a scrapbooker?  Have you tried Project Life?  I cannot say enough good things about it!

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