Ohmigosh, Hi!

Dear readers, I disappeared!  I apologize.  I’m back.  I’m home for more than 3 days at a time.  And I’m cooking.  I missed it.  I thought I was sick of it.  And then I made lasagna.  Oh, I missed it.

turkey lasagna*Fun fact, I never layer lasagna the same way twice.  I just make it up as I go.

And then I made my favorite risotto.

risottoAnd I’ve got plans to make something new tomorrow.  And cupcakes on Thursday.  So I’m back.  I missed you.  How are you?

3 thoughts on “Ohmigosh, Hi!

  1. Phew. I was starting to worry. Also, do you ever cook from skinny taste? And what are your thoughts on the new noble YHL?

    • CV(D) welcome back! 1. Usually not, but I check in on her from time to time 2. I never read online but I checked it out on my phone once you brought it to my attention…cool but probably going to take some getting used to for you. xo

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