The Side of All Sides

When asparagus season sneaks up on you, you know warm weather is here to stay.  You can pack the sweaters and fleeces away and break out your open toed shoes.  And the thing is, when asparagus season, and thus, warm weather is here, you probably don’t want to crank up your oven to 400 and roast those little green spears.

pan friedDear readers,

IMG_4767I found a better way.

Chop up an ounce or two or three of pancetta, or bacon, if that’s all you have.  Cook on a skillet till brown and crispy.  Remove, bacon to another plate, reserving the fat in the pan.  Measure out 1/3 C panko breadcrumbs (this is way more because my hand slipped).  Acting quickly, add the panko, stir once or twice till crumbs turn brown (this happens almost instantly), and remove pan from heat.  Remove panko from skillet.  Give the pan a swirl of olive oil or a pat of butter and set it back over heat.  Place one bunch asparagus in skillet, and cook over high heat for a couple of minutes, say, 5.  Layer asparagus, salt, pepper, panko, and bacon on a serving plate.  Dig in to the best thing to happen since, well, roasted asparagus.

One thought on “The Side of All Sides

  1. I can vouch for this. This is so good you could actually die from it. I happened to stop by Glass-of-Milk’s house a couple of weeks ago and found the leftovers from this dish in her kitchen. I took a sneaky little bite of this dish when she wasn’t looking, then just went ahead and finished the leftovers in their entirety–I’d say it was about three servings worth. It was DELICIOUS, and she probably never even noticed that 16 spears of asparagus and 5 pieces of bacon were missing! 🙂

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