Three is the Magic Number



Dear readers from far and wide.

It’s April 27th.

So for no other reason than that it’s two years after a month after I posted the first, and last year when I posted the second,

but I could have sworn I posted the first two on April 27,


I present to you,

A Glass of Milk’s Third Annual List of Awesome!


1.  Having time to read

2.  Pandora

3.  Deleting Facebook and Twitter from your phone

4.  A good cry

5.  Brunch

6.  Getting cards in the mail


7.  Doing little things for others

8.  Magazines–with physical pages

9.  Scanning negatives so that your memories don’t go anywhere

10.  Furniture you don’t have to build

11.  SongPop

12.  Waking up and remembering you’re on vacation

13.  Having a work best friend

14.  Etsy

double cupcakes

15.   Mumford & Sons

16.  Champagne

17.  Documentaries (Love this, this, and omg this)

18.  Finally hanging frames on the wall

19.  Trader Joes

20.  Becoming a grown up–seriously, I know so much more about life now


21.  Decorative pillows

22.  Breaking Dawn, Part 2 (I’m shocking even myself with that one)

23.  This blog.

24.  A toasted plain bagel with peanut butter from Bethesda Bagels

25.  The ten days when lilacs are in bloom


26.  Staycations

27.  A stellar piece of furniture that doubles the amount of storage space you have

28.  M&Ms

29.  Having a full service set of your grandmother’s china–from 1952

30. IKEA

31. Etiquette


32.  Dishwasher detergent pods

33.  Random bouts of productivity that strike at whim

34.  Kids who crack you up


35. This truth

36.  Kind words

37.  A good haircut

38.  Sex and the City–still

happy hour

39.  A long overdue purge of items from closets, shelves, etc.

40.  Maxi dresses (especially if you’re about to ride a plane)

41.  Photo books (I like these and these)

42.  Songs from the 80s

43.  Coffee table books


44.  The last season of the Office–I’m re-hooked

45.  Porch Crawlers/Redneck Lemonade

46.  Bringing your raincoat on a day you had a feeling you might need it

47.  Homegrown basil

48.  Stripes


49.  Bailey’s Irish Cream

50.  Navy and green

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