currently july

  • organizing my life one lingering to do list item at a time
  • listening to The Decemberists
  • squeezing the most I can out of summer produce
  • staying up late because on most days I can sleep in
  • eating out more than usual, which means catching up with friends
  • keeping up with my summer list as best I can
  • working my way through my to-read list
  • putting more books on hold at the library
  • finalizing some wedding cupcake flavors for AGOMYR
  • counting down the days till I’m on vacation
  • taking more pictures than usual, and loving it
  • plowing through my Netflix queue with alarming speed
  • feeling pretty darn good about life lately

3 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Hooray! Wooden Nickels, by virtue of taking one whole month off from work, has just transformed into Summer Wooden Nickels and is loving it as well. I began by having nearly all of my hair chopped off and it feels GREAT not to have to try to tame it in the morning when it is being thin, unruly, and/or wingtippy! And if wingtippy hair is my biggest problem? Well, life is very good indeed!

  2. In all of your free time I’d love a post regarding your favorite ways to use basil. My plants are exploding and, while I love the combo, I find myself stuck in a “just mix it with tomato and balsamic and call it a day” rut. What’s YOUR favorite way to use basil?

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