Beach Cooking

There are three kinds of meals you can cook at the beach.


The first is the make-ahead meal.  The beauty in this one is that you assemble it either the night before or the morning of, and promptly forget about it, moving on to enjoy your day.  You can chill in the sand as long as you like without worrying that you need to come in and start cooking.  Here are some of my favorites:

Chicken Chili

Weeknight Meatballs

Eggplant Parm

And of course, Mac and Cheese.  Because is there ever a time it’s not appropriate?


The second (and my personal favorite) is the collaboration meal.  For this breed of dinner, you need the hands and help of all your guests.  Everyone has a job to do, and the meal won’t come together until the whole house is involved. I have one of these to show you soon.  Pizza with everyone’s favorite toppings is another good option.  So is breakfast for dinner.

beach bag

And the third is the kind that requires little to no cooking at all.  It’s typically seasonal in nature, and is the perfect balance of thrown-together and casual, while being knock you off your butt fantastic.  Adam Rapoport, editor of Bon Appetit, just wrote beautifully about these meals.

2 thoughts on “Beach Cooking

  1. Wow, if you can pull off a collaboration meal, you must have a really big kitchen in your rental house! And . . . if you have that many people helping you cook . . . well, you obviously won’t need me! Text me when it’s ready please!

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