On Printing Photos

Dear Readers, I hope you’ll humor me for a little while, as I try some new jams out on this little blog.  Some of these ideas have been swirling around in my head for some time now and I suspect the only way to see whether or not I like posting about them is to actually blog them and see what you all think.  So  hang with me for a little bit, till things get back into balance here.  I promise we will.  In the meantime, let me know if you like what you see.  Or don’t.  I can take it.

mudslide cupcakes

Can we take one celebratory minute to welcome me, albeit 8,000,000 years late, to the Instagram party?  Though I’ve had Instagram for about a year now, I think my tipping point into Insta-insanity was the combination of A Beautiful Mess + Instagram.  Now my photos look cute, and I don’t have to download a million fonts or figure out how Photoshop works to get them that way.


But if there’s anything I’m all about more than taking photos, it’s printing photos.  Because they don’t do very much good sitting on your computer.


Indeed they do much better in life books, or in printed albums.

blue clothes

I’ve used Pinhole Press to create printed photobooks, and let me tell you, Dear Readers.  Classy.  These books come with a price tag, but they are well worth the cost.  I’ve created them as gifts, and used them to document special vacations, school years, and weekend getaways.


And when I spent a few days in New York last summer, Instagramming it up, I created a book of photos using Blurb.  They’ll connect to your account and grab the photos for you–no uploading necessary.  I got their hardback book, and my father-in-law didn’t realize it was “just” a photo album until he saw pictures of my husband and me as the stars.  He thought it was a coffee table book!

morning view

Since I’m having such an Instagrammy summer again this year, I know I want to capture this season in another Photobook.  This time I’m going to try Artifact Uprising.  I first heard about the company when Emily mentioned she used them for her wedding album.  Their company’s tagline is, “Off your device/Into your life.”  Yes.


I love having photobooks around every corner in my house.  I flip through them often, and they trigger so many happy memories.  It’s even more fun watching friends enjoy them and rehashing some of the stories that go along.

2 thoughts on “On Printing Photos

  1. We used Artifact Uprising for our engagement photos. It will be at the wedding as a guestbook option. The book is BEAUTIFUL, but I will admit, the uploading process was a bit frustrating. We had ~70 photos, though, so I imagine it might be a little more manageable with a smaller assortment. Happy bookmaking!

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