Accidental Dinners

summer plate

The other day we hosted my in laws for lunch.  And my sister in law brought this, the most glorious tomato salad I’ve ever had.  Well, the most glorious tomato salad that isn’t Caprese salad.  But you know what?  Variety is the spice of life, and that salad was no exception.  Thank you, sister-in-law + Jamie Oliver.

You do need a schmancy broken leaf Turkish oregano to make it, but with a couple clicks, it can be on the way from Penzey’s.  Booyah!

Jamie says it works with regular oregano too, but this darn broken leaf stuff was amazing enough that I’m not leaving it to chance.

In a rush to clean out the pantry before our trip, I cooked up risotto for dinner, planning to stir in whatever was nearby to complete the meal, and leave the fridge barren.  My husband got this version.

Our fridge wasn’t quite as bounteous a place as I thought, so, left without any more arugula or prosciutto, I grabbed the dregs and got lucky.

tomato and proscuitto risotto

We had two pieces of speck (they were out of prosciutto at the store that day) and a smattering of teeny tomatoes from lunch.  I stirred those into mine.

Speck has a smokier flavor than prosciutto, that plays beautifully against the bright oregano and red wine vinaigrette clinging to the tomatoes.

Holy sweet lord.

This is not a combination of flavors I would have tried had it not been left to fate, but fate was smiling on me that night, and I got lucky.

To make speck and tomato risotto for 4 you will need:

  • 1 recipe risotto (Use any recipe here, and leave the mix-ins out.  Or put the mix-ins in if they float your boat.)
  • 6 pieces speck
  • leftover mothership tomato salad

Make risotto and scoop out into 4 bowls.  Tear speck and distribute evenly in each bowl.  Stir in tomatoes.  The dressing is welcome here, as it adds to the overall flavor of the dish, so leave no drop un-poured.  I didn’t even top this with Parmesan and I didn’t even care.

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