What Are You Reading?

While the time I have to read books with real live pages wanes in the fall, I am, of course, ever-devoted to keeping up with my favorite blogs.  Here’s what I’m into, dear readers, what about you?

I think the world, or at least our country, would be a little less frazzled if we all kept these 5 things in mind.

And while we’re on the topic of back-to-school, dear readers, I loved the way Gabrielle wrote about one of the schools her children attend in Oakland.

My husband cannot understand how SCL and I can sit on the couch and watch the entire sixth season of Sex and the City in one sitting, for the millionth time.  To him I say, “It is only the greatest show ever, and yes, Carrie is supposed to be that impossible.  Oh, and read this.”

And while we’re on the topic of SCL, she told me that Jimmy Kimmel had a whole show hosted by Matt Damon.  And while I didn’t read this, I did watch it.  And love it.  If you’re not familiar with their storied past, try here, here, here, or here.  But be warned.  Not only are these not suitable for work, but some are not suitable for those of you whose have a shred of decency.  But I love them and find them hilarious.  Just ask Don Cheadle.

I am so obsessed with these photos, and I have scrolled over each and every one.

When I was little I used to play Sim-Everything.  Sim Town, Sim Park, Sim Tower.  And now there’s this Sim-esque game that seems so intriguing, I almost want to play computer games again.

And finally, I’m reading the Skimm because The Joy the Baker Podcast told me to.  It’s this genius concept from these two, super-smart ladies, who condense the news into a 5 to 8 bullet email so that you can skim(m) your way through the latest.  I cannot stomach NPR, nor do I want to wake up early enough to read anything more than the latest in my Twitter feed, so enter The Skimm.  It arrives in my inbox right as I’m settling down to breakfast and is totally approachable with headlines like, “What to say when you offer someone a ridiculous Fantasy trade… I’m just kiddin’ like Jason, unless you’re gonna do it.”

Bonus points if you can name that song.

Dear readers, what have I missed?  Anything I should be reading?

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