There have been a wealth of times in my life where I get super duper excited about something, only to find that those listening to me (or at least, trying) are nowhere near as interested.

Case in point.


Today, will you just indulge me, dear readers?

Or go to another blog and come back tomorrow for some food.

Because today I want to talk about glassware.

If I had my way, I would have a wall of built-ins in my dining room dedicated entirely to drinking glasses and barware.  They make me so happy.  It’s a dangerous addiction to have however, because committing to a new set of glasses takes nowhere near the level of commitment as a set of dishes, or a small kitchen appliance (oh, how I’m coveting you, immersion blender).  Once you start, it’s hard to stop.


When I got married, I registered for the Crate and Barrel Oregon glasses.  A full set of twelve red glasses, white glasses, and champagne flutes.  And dear readers, they make me feel grown up.  I am not afraid to rock a Solo cup.  I have a huge stash in my cupboards as I type this.  But if you’re having people over, nothing makes you feel more adult-ish than serving wine in vessels built for it.  CV(D) and The (Not So) New Girl are coming over this afternoon and I can’t wait to keep their glasses full.

That’s one of my tried and true hostess tips.  Keep an eye out for dwindling wine glasses, and don’t hesitate to refill.

And that’s why you need so darn many of these things.


But now I have a crush on these Nattie glasses.  I love the square corner at the bottom of the glass; it’s such a chic touch.  These babies are swanky.  They make me dream of a loft space with clean counters and an exposed brick wall.


And then there are stemless wine glasses.  These were a big deal a while back, and I think people are used to them now.  They’re not as shocking to see.  But they’re simple, and easy, and they make for a fun, much less formal look.  I get a little afraid putting my glasses with stems in the dishwasher.  They seem so fragile!  But these?  Throw those suckers in and you’re cleaned up.


I recently inherited a set of 4 of these glasses from Grandma Glass of Milk.  They’re solid, and heavier than your average drinking glass and they feel like what you’re drinking matters.  I bet this is the glass Don Draper is holding in that Mad Men logo where he’s sitting on the couch, smoking.


And these last little guys are just fun.  I dream of filling them with rum and tonics, and taking them out on a sunny porch where I’d sit and catch up with friends.


4 thoughts on “Glassware

  1. Will you judge me if your white wine arrives in a red wine glass when you visit my home? I’m (very new) at trying to impress.

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