What I’ve Been Up To

Things I have thought and/or Googled in the last week include:

How to fold a cupcake box.

How many ounces of batter in a 6-inch cake pan?

Directions from Veritas Vineyard to Arch’s.

How to crumb coat a cake.

Will muffin tins made of a thinner metal produce different cupcakes? (answer: yes, and it will take them longer to bake)

muffin tins

All this because a while back, in a time I can barely remember, I signed on to make cupcakes for AGOMYR’s wedding.


They turned out well!


Dear longtime readers, do you remember this post?  I wrote it way back when I was a blushing bride, busy spending my time on life-fulfilling activities like registering for, and unwrapping new muffin tins.  Now those tins have another chapter of their story in the books.

The time they were used and abused in the process of making 10 dozen cupcakes for AGOMYR and her husband.

touch ups
10 dozen, plus a little 6-inch cake.  On the cutest cake stand you’ve ever seen.

Stay tuned this week for more.

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