People Who Helped Make Cupcake Week Possible

We’re at the end of our little, AGOMYR-filled cupcake series, and I have a few people who deserve huge shout-outs!  Allow me my Oscar acceptance speech moment, and please don’t roll the music before I’m ready.

Mad props to…

AGOMYR – For getting married and asking me to make cupcakes.  And also for giving me complete freedom in terms of what I made and how I made them.  When I move to PA, and you move to NC, we will always be connected through the power of butter and sugar.

Wooden Nickels – For loaning me enough pans to make 30 additional cupcakes at one time.

A friend who loves The Barefoot Contessa as much as I do – For loaning me two, six inch cake pans.

Ali – For loaning me her KitchenAid mixer to run simultaneously with mine. #dreamscometrue

double mixers

My husband – For keeping the dishes moving on 3 of 3 nights.

The staff at Veritas for getting those cupcakes set up in the most beautiful way on site, and crossing that off of my to-worry-about list.

AGOMYR’s dad – for building a cupcake stand, and crossing another item off my to-worry-about list.

The back of my head – For at least entertaining the thought that I only live 1.5 miles from Georgetown Cupcake, and could easily purchase 10 dozen emergency cupcakes if necessary.

My producer.


And every single friend who commented on my Instagram and/or Twitter feeds when I said that you should tell me the cupcakes look perfect – for telling me that my cupcakes look perfect.

This was a labor of love (emphasis on the love way more than the labor), and I am so glad I did it.  And yet, I’m so glad it’s done.  You won’t see any more cupcakes ’round these parts for quite some time, dear readers.

3 thoughts on “People Who Helped Make Cupcake Week Possible

  1. You are welcome. And the verb is “LENDING,” please, not “LOANING.” I don’t care what the dictionary says. “Lend” is a verb. “Loan is a noun.” Happy 5th birthday!

  2. And maybe someday I will learn how to use quotation marks. GREAT job on the tuptakes, as you used to call them!!! I can’t wait to try the ones you no doubt saved for me! ♡♡♡

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