What I’m Reading

Since last week’s post was all about food, dear readers, you may have already seen some of these links around the interwebs.  But I promise all of them are worth another look.

First of all, Gretchen Rubin writes about all things happiness-related on her blog.  And she posted about a quotation from Claire Danes that stuck with her.  Which is great for her.  I read the post, and thought, “Hmmmm, I already know how to be goofy.”  But what I loved was this one line:  Enthusiasm is a form of social courage.  A-men.  Gretchen writes about Julia Child here.

Old (but not old) friend Samantha on Style tweeted about the new Romeo and Juliet movie, and I am all in.

also, Paul Giamatti, you are in everything.

There are few blogs I feel consistently nail refreshing, original content on a consistent basis, but Whitney English delivers every single time.  She posted “The little things are the big things” on Instagram a while back, and I fell in love with the sentiment.  Elise wrote a post that reminds me of it as well.


The longer this blog has been a thing, the more I’ve paid attention to the advice of other writers.  I want to know how they do what they do, and so well, on a consistent basis.  Emily posted about morning pages, and chatted about the concept on my beloved Simple Mom Podcast.  I love the idea of getting some writing, actual writing where a pen touches a piece of paper, done first thing in the morning, before I’ve even had a chance to wake up.  I am frazzled by nature, but would love to be less-so.  This seems like it might be a place to start.

I totally don’t subscribe to the idea that there is a formula for success out there, and that all successful people do this one thing that they’re going to tell you will change your life.  That said, I did read this, and took almost everything with a grain of salt.  Almost because I loved #4: Surround yourself with people you want to be like.  It also told me that I am the average of the five people I spend the most time with.  So without a doubt the top two are my husband and CV(D), but the other three people change seasonally.  I’m going to start to pay attention to whose personality traits I’m mirroring at any given time.

The food world lost one of its greats recently, and I love Ruth Reichl’s tribute.  Food52 also showed us a week’s worth of meals we can make with Marcella’s world-famous tomato sauce (which I’ve only made once in my life…must be repeated!)

And in other, food-related news, though it seems a blasphemous follow up, The New York Times has cracked the code in terms of why we can’t eat just one Dorito.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading

  1. If you’re the average of me and four other people, and I’m the average of you and our other people… There’s some really great social math problem in there somewhere. But I’m sure “Claire does that” 😉

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