Grilled Cheese

I hope Wooden Nickels will forgive me for this post.

At my current place of employment, one can order a grilled cheese sandwich with tater tots from the cafeteria once a month.  It’s about the only thing the cafeteria has ever cooked up that I’d deem edible, and I’ve watched a coworker or two eat it with green hints of jealousy in my eyes.

I always bring my lunch; I never buy.

And then Deb posted frico grilled cheese sandwiches.  And then I remembered I had tater tots in my freezer, because it’s always a good idea to have tater tots in your freezer.

And then I realized I could make this cafeteria meal in my own home, and I don’t have to tell you, you probably already figured out, it turned out way better than the soggy lumps I see my coworkers eat off of styrofoam trays.

grilled cheese and tots

Wooden Nickels makes WFGCSs.  World Famous Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  My favorite thing is when the cheese oozes out, narrowly escapes the slices of bread, and sizzles into the pan.  It crisps up and it’s always the best bite of the sandwich.

Deb, in typical Deb fashion, found a way to make grilled cheese even better–by making these little cheesy blob “mistakes” a completely intentional part of your grilled cheese experience.

I couldn’t resist making one the other night.

Tots and all.

(Wooden Nickels also makes fun of me when I eat monochromatic dinners.)

To make a frico grilled cheese for yourself, you will need:

  • 2 slices of bread (Sourdough is my favorite here, but I’m sure your favorite is perfect)
  • 1/2 C shredded cheddar cheese, as sharp as you can get your hands on*
  • salted butter, at room temperature (this is one of the few dishes for which I will go out of my way to ensure the butter is salted)

Heat a skillet over medium heat.  While that’s going on, liberally butter one side of each slice of bread.  If you like things to match up all nice and pretty, it’s worth noting that the butter is going on the sides that hit the pan, the outside of the sandwich.  Sprinkle all but 2 T of the cheese in the middle of the sandwich.  I realized while grating the cheese that you have to use shredded because you need a much quicker melting time.  With the cheese going on the outside of the sandwich, you have the blink of an eye between frico and a burnt smelly mess.  Shredded cheese on the inside=quicker melt time.  Place 1 T cheddar in center of skillet.  Immediately plop sandwich on top of that.  Cover and reduce heat to medium low.  Cook for 2 minutes.  Then, lift with a spatula and sprinkle remaining cheese in center of skillet.  Flip sandwich and repeat.  Serve immediately.  Preferrably with tots.

4 thoughts on “Grilled Cheese

  1. This would’ve been my return to food blogs, as per your suggestion, if I didn’t already make “gourmet” grilled cheeses often (including this exact recipe) (I won’t tell you how often really). Mmmmm.

  2. I mean, it looks sort of ok. But shredded cheese instead of cut-up hunks of New York extra sharp white cheddar? Really, that’s like using canned frosting. I’m struggling with this. So maybe you could make me one.

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