What I’m Reading

Short and sweet this week because I’m a day late and a dollar short.  And because CV(D) wants shorter What I’m Reading posts.

Hi CV(D).

I’m totally weird because when summer was turning to fall I was not interested.  All those bloggers who were all, “Oh, I can’t wait for my first PSL” were on my last nerve.  But.  Is it just me or are you hearing whispers of holidays out there in the world?  Are you into them?  I so am.  I’m looking at this calendar from Liz Tamanaha, and I’m loving the idea of picking 12 favorite Instagrams to adorn the 16 x 20 size.  It fits perfectly in a Ribba frame!  2014, let’s do this.  Okay, maybe give me another month and I’ll really be on board.

croque monsieur

*This is the most gorgeous Croque Monsieur, which I ate here, outside, on a day off of work.  For that short hour and a half of my life, all was right in the world.

Have you ever eaten breakfast in bed?  As much as I love a big, carb-y breakfast, I’ve never thought to get back under the covers and indulge in my hash browns there.  This Design Mom post has me thinking otherwise.

Our future depends on libraries.  Just.  Amen.*
*and all DC libraries are now open on Sundays.  Rejoice.

“What you have with a restaurant that you visit once or twice is a transaction. What you have with a restaurant that you visit over and over is a relationship.” At least that’s what NY Times food critic Frank Bruni tells us when he writes about being a regular at a restaurant.


One thought on “What I’m Reading

  1. That was glorious. Like the Skimm version of What I’m (you’re) Reading.

    Do repeat Starbucks visits count the same as a restaurant? Cause I’m pretty sure what we’ve got is a relationship.
    (I know Mr. D and I have a relationship with Mexicalli Cantina, love of my life)

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