How Early is Too Early?

November first is a day I await more than is probably healthy to do.  November first is the day I declare it officially acceptable to begin my in-depth study of Minted’s holiday selection.  November first equals Christmas Card Selection Day.  Oh, it’s big.

My husband and I have sent 4 Christmas cards together and I have LOVED 3 of them, with the exception of last year’s, which I think was just too plain.  Which also means I am putting an insane amount of pressure on myself to nail this year.

Here are the contenders:

dc christmas

I always see pre-printed cards with the New York skyline and was so pumped that DC made the cut this year too.

vote santa

Of course, we know I’m not above rolling my eyes at my adopted city and this card seems pretty perfect.

cookies and joy

You really can’t argue with cookies and joy, though.  I love the way the text is laid out.  I would totally put confetti in the envelopes if I sent this card.  That would be fun.

holly jolly

I love the font-y, chalkboardy feel here.  I have dreams of filling the backs of these out with a white Sharpie.  Be still my heart.

make your own

Although this make your own holiday card greeting would get a smile out of anyone who opened it.

tis the season

This is simple and clean, which is totally my style.  It also is pink, which is even more my style.  And I’m a sucker for a card with a lyric from a Christmas carol,

merry bells

especially the lesser known ones.


And finally this one is right up my alley as I can think of no excuse for anyone who celebrates Christmas not to have a tree up and decorated later than December 1.  But with the rounded corners instead of these scalloped ones.

What do you think, dear readers?  Would you want one of these to show up in your mailbox?  Do you have your eye on a different design?

All cards from  Who don’t know me from Adam.  But I love them, their service, and their products.

2 thoughts on “How Early is Too Early?

  1. That car looks like a station wagon, and then, upon closer inspection, a Range Rover… Always good to know your audience, Minted. 🙂

  2. I like “‘Tis the season to be j*lly” ~ it’s concise and to the point and offends no one. I don’t understand the asterisk, though. Anyway, all you have to do is change your names to Eva and Michael, and you can order that one!

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