What I’m Reading

I fell in love with a centerpiece idea I saw on A Beautiful Mess last week.

le pain

It shouldn’t have surprised me to see it there.  After all, these are the girls who dreamed up the guest room cart.

Elsie suggested having a tray full of breakfast carbs along with lots of butter and jam options, and setting it out for weekend guests on those mornings when cooking a big breakfast isn’t on the agenda.  This idea came at exactly the right moment.  I saw it after I had finished eating dinner with AGOMYR at Le Pain Quotidien.  We love splitting a baguette (or two, in this case) and slathering it with their jams and chocolate spreads.  On this particular visit, I realized a combination of the dark chocolate spread with berry jam on top would be to die for.  AGOMYR one-upped me by laying the dark chocolate on first, and topping it with sea salt.  If this combination is such a beloved dinner favorite, why wouldn’t it would just as well at breakfast?  Who wants to sign up for our guest room next?

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