Food Fit for Serving

Is it just me, or is it a struggle to come up with foods that are easy to serve when you’re having company?  I love having people over, but aside from Triscuits and some extra sharp white cheddar, I don’t love putting snacks out.  I swoon over stuffed mushrooms, crostini, and mini-quiches, but it’s exactly the mini-ness of it all that drives me mad.  I don’t have time to devote to filling each and every button mushroom cap.  And patting pie crusts into my each of my mini-muffin tins?  Ugh!  No thank you.

garlic bread prep

Luckily, I did figure out a way to scale down Ina’s garlic bread in a fairly painless manner.  I use the mini ciabatta rolls from Trader Joes, and bake them off a day before I’m having company.  Then, the day of the event, I slice them in half, and prep and wrap each roll separately.  I bake them just as Ina suggests, and everyone gets their own.

garlic rolls

Perfect for sharing.

And as long as we’re sharing I saw this questionnaire on Notes to Self Blog the other day and immediately wanted in on the fun.  I love Q&A posts.  Here goes:

1.  Spring or fall?

Fall!  Spring is actually the one season I have no particular attachment too.  Sure, I love that the weather warms up, but the other three seasons are so steeped in various traditions, I’d take them over spring any day.  Besides, fall is all about cable knit sweaters and piling blankets on the bed.

2.  Your quirkiest habit?

Quirkiest?  I don’t know.  You tell me.

3.  Hour of the day you are most productive?

On a good day, it’s an hour and fifteen minutes.  Between 7:30 and 8:45.  In general I’m a morning person.

4.  What’s a reoccurring dream you have/have had?

I almost never remember my dreams!  The only recent snippet of a dream I remember is that I dreamt I woke up one morning with curly hair.  Not like I had used a curling iron, or gotten a wavy blowout, like I have always had stick-straight, do-nothing hair, and one morning it was ringlet central.

5.  Heels or flats?

I wish I could say heels.  Flats.  (Wedges?)

6.  Something your readers may not know about you?

I love Celine Dion so much it hurts.  Who wants to come to Vegas with me?

7.  One person you want to meet–living or dead?

Oprah.  Cliche.  True.

8.  The fashion trend you’d never be caught dead in?

Oh man, I think I wear a lot of items others would never be caught dead in.  I just bought these.  So I’m not in a great place to judge.

9.  One piece of advice you’d give your 13 year old self?

Work hard and be nice to people.  I’d give it to my current self, too.

So let me know, dear readers.  What’s my quirkiest habit.  And now that you mention it, what’s yours?

3 thoughts on “Food Fit for Serving

  1. 1. Fall. 2. I pick up fallen branches here and there in wooded areas so I don’t have to buy wood. 3. Ten to eleven a.m. 4. I can’t get to the right train no matter what I do (even though in reality I am fearless on trains and subways). 5. Flats. 6. I would love to sing on Broadway–finally got my chance when Glass-of-Milk took me to see “Hair”! 7. Paul McCartney (wow, that was easy). 8. Burberry anything ~ Brown and black? Seriously? YUCK! 9.(a) You actually DON’T know everything and stop being so snippy. (b) Start your voice and acting lessons right now. (c) Things will get SO much better.

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