What I’m Reading

We had a long night at Casa Glass of Milk last week.  Well, it started at Casa Glass of Milk and ended at Casa Glass of Milk, with a trip to the ER in between.  Everyone is fine.  Everything is fine.

But even though I called out of work the morning after our little adventure, I still slept so poorly, I knew I would need a jolt to get me going before I muddled through the remainder of my work day.  I stopped by Starbucks for my iced grande vanilla skim latte, and was amazed that although I had gotten almost no sleep, I felt more awake than I usually do.

red cups

Now that I’ve read “The Best Time of Day to Drink Coffee,” I’m wondering if my late-morning trip is a better idea.  When do you drink your coffee, dear readers?

p.s.  I’m also loving this Instagram account right now.

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